Pusa Basmati Rice

Pusa Basmati Rice is the 1121 Basmati twin that only comes under a distinct agricultural science category of semi-dwarf Indian rice plants.
Except the minute shortness in grain length, the Pusa Basmati Rice embodies all the other qualities of 1121 Basmati rice, including its aroma, nutritional value, non-sticky nature and taste.

  • Minimum Order Quantity : 26 MT
  • Available Bag Size : 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg
  • Available Bag Type : PP, Plastic, Jute, Gunny, Non-Woven

The difference is so microscopic that even the rice manufacturers can occasionally struggle distinguishing between PUSA and 1121 Basmati rice.
However, in the long run Pusa Basmati Rice tends to gain an upper hand at attracting world rice traders due to its affordability in bulk rice import, which is also profitable for rice manufacturers and rice suppliers. For the lovers of parboiled rice also, Pusa Basmati rice has a variant, readily made available by samarafoodstuff.com. Interested to buy Pusa Basmati Rice at best price directly from our premium league of Basmati rice suppliers


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